#IJSRD Simplified Ipad Ordering System For Hotels

Simplified Ipad Ordering System For Hotels

Abstract :

Simplified Ipad Ordering System for Hotels is an IPad application based project. It will give restaurant customers access to menus of food items organized in categories. Customer will have quick access to menus of food and other items with simple navigation, up or down swipes to vertically scroll through food and other items. This application can be used in two ways. Customer also can access to the ipad or else the hotel waiter can serve over several tables with a single ipad. Once the order is done, the push message will be sent to the kitchen POS (point of sales). A push notification will be appear in the monitor available in the kitchen. The push message contains table no, list of item with needed ingredients. Customer can order multiple numbers of items with their choices. The ordered items contains item id, item quantity, table no, date & time and device id. It can overcome the human error while taking the order. The application have search bar option which helps the customer to search and select the items. Search bar makes easy of access to the needed items fast. Customers also can add the several items to their favorite block. Even feedback, like, unlike, email and printing options are available.

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