Enrichment of CNG in Gasoline Blends- A Technical Review #ijsrd

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Paper Title : Enrichment of CNG in Gasoline Blends- A Technical Review

Author Name : Ritesh Kumar Ranjan, Vikas Rai, Prof. Vipul R Bhatt, Prof. R J Jani

College Name: L. D. College of Engineering

Area of Research: Mechanical Engineering

Abstract — Pollution from the petroleum oil increases day by day in terms of CO2, CO, NOX, PM and many other gases and particles. Price difference and economy leads people toward the use of alternative fuels. To overcome this problem Tri-fuel is the best suitable fuel for the IC engine because of its clean emission characteristics. The present study focused on non-petroleum renewable and nonpolluting fuels to be used for I.C engines. The tri-fuel is assortment of petrol, butanol blend and CNG gas. It is found that power produced by the Tri-fuelled engine is more and lower NOx emissions compare to Gasoline engine because of the high volumetric efficiency, high compression ratio. Key words: CNG Gas, I.C Engines, Gasoline Blend

Key words: CNG Gas, I.C Engines, Gasoline Blend

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#ijsrd ‘4D Printing’ Makes Shape-Shifting Structures


Using a new technique known as 4D printing, researchers can print out dynamic 3D structures capable of changing their shapes over time.

Such 4D-printed items could one day be used in everything from medical implants to home appliances, scientists added.

Today’s 3D printing creates items from a wide variety of materials — plastic, ceramic, glass, metal, and even more unusual ingredients such as chocolate and living cells. The machines work by setting down layers of material just like ordinary printers lay down ink, except 3D printers can also deposit flat layers on top of each other to build 3D objects.

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