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Ijsrd.com | A Review on Design & Analysis Of C-Frame of Pneumatic Power Press Using FEA

A Review on Design & Analysis Of C-Frame of Pneumatic Power Press Using FEA 

Abstract :

Presses are used in industries for a wide variety of uses including blanking, piercing and pressing. There are many different types of presses. The most popular are pneumatic presses and hydraulic presses. Pneumatic presses are 10 times faster than hydraulic presses and they can perform many jobs faster and more efficiently. Metal forming is one of the manufacturing processes which are almost chip less. These operations are mainly carried out by the help of presses and press tools. These operations include deformation of metal work pieces to the desired size by applying pressure or force. Press machine always works under impact load condition. Because of continuous impact the load, frame of press machine always experience continuous tensile stress.

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IJSRD Mesosphere Grabs $10M In Series A Funding To Transform Server Management

Mesosphere Grabs $10M In Series A Funding To Transform Server Management

The funding round is lead by Andreessen Horowitz with help from Data Collective and Fuel Capital. This follows seed funding a year ago of $2.25M from Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, Foundation Capital and SV Angel. The company wants to change how companies manage resources on servers inside the datacenter, based on the open source Mesos project by essentially allowing you to pool the all of the computing resources in a datacenter as a single machine, thereby distributing resources in a much more efficient manner (as the graphic above illustrates). According to Matt Trifiro, SVP at Mesosphere, this is possible because of containerization technology developed by Google. Building on Google’s concept, Mesos allows system administrators to take complex applications that run at scale and use the resources of the entire datacenter as a single unit inside a container. Click on Below Link for More Details http://www.ijsrd.com/index.php http://ijsrd.wordpress.com/ E-journal papers : http://ijsrd.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/IJSRD